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GLOW Karts.

Fun for ages 4 - 12.

Xplore Commack is the first in Long Island to not only offer indoor mini electric Go Karts but we are also the first to offer mini GLOW Karting for ages 4 - 12.

Go-karting shouldn't be limited to the older ages or a minimum height. That's why we are so happy to be the first to offer 3 mini go-karts to allow ages 4-9 and 5 mid size go-karts for ages 9-12.

The best part is that our go-karts track is all lit by black lights making our go-karts track the only GLOW track in Long Island!

Go-Karting birthday parties couldn't be any easier! When booking a party, you will have a choice of adding Go-Karts to your party. Each child will then be able to race at any time during the party play time, after the party, or even save their ticket to come back another day for their race. If you are looking for open play go-karting, please call ahead to ask about availability. We are unable to accommodate open play go-karts while a party is racing. This will be changing in the near future to allow open play go-karting all day, everyday. You can call ahead of time at 631-543-8300.

Weekend open play GLOW Karts are available with no party interference starting at 4:45pm. Weekdays tend to have plenty of availability at any time. This will be changing to all day open play go-karting all day every day soon.

Private parties have exclusive use to the entire facility. This makes GLO-Karting included at no additional charge!

GLOW Kart Race Pricing

1 Race: $8.00

2 Races: $14.00

3 Races: $20.00

We do not recommend mixing young children with an older crowd of go-karting. Each race is about 5 minutes of race time.

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